Global Database on the Prevalence of Violence Against Women

Strengthening measurement of violence against women package

This series of briefing notes and tools support strengthening data and measurement of different aspects of violence against women. Intended primarily for researchers, national statistics offices and others involved in collecting data on violence against women, they aim to contribute to strengthening the quality and availability of violence against women data, particularly to address data and knowledge gaps.

The briefing notes were developed as part of the UN Women–World Health Organization Joint Programme on Violence Against Women Data. They draw on the Joint Programme’s five years of work to strengthen methodologies and measurement, as well as build national capacities for violence against women data as essential to prevention and response. Data is critical to inform action, as well as monitor progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 5.2 to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.

Checklist on strengthening surveys on violence against women

Checklist to ensure quality when planning surveys on the prevalence violence against women

Measuring violence against women 60 years and older

Measuring violence against women with disabilities

Measuring psychological intimate partner violence

Measuring non-partner sexual violence

  • Measuring non-partner sexual violence data availability, methodological issues and recommendations for good practice
  • Expert Meeting on non-partner sexual violence