Global Database on the Prevalence of Violence Against Women


Violence against women is a grave human rights violation and public health concern of pandemic proportions. It is associated with serious short- and lifelong physical, sexual and reproductive and mental health consequences for women and children. Violence against women has significant social and economic costs for communities and nations.

Collecting, analyzing and facilitating the use of accurate, comparable and robust data is the first step towards responding, preventing and eliminating violence against women.

This WHO Global Database on Prevalence of Violence against Women is a comprehensive database on the prevalence of the two most common forms of violence against women globally: Intimate partner violence and sexual violence by someone other than a partner, referred to as non-partner sexual violence.

This interactive data visualization platform presents the first global, regional and country/area estimates on intimate partner violence and global and regional estimates on non-partner sexual violence in the United Nations Sustainable Goals era (2015-2030). These Violence against Women, 2018 estimates draw on population-based, nationally or sub-nationally representative surveys/studies conducted between 2000-2018 from 161 countries and areas. This data platform also presents the source data underpinning the estimates.